Not so long ago, a vision was birthed into one individual’s mind.

It was to create a platform where you would know that Love was for you; that Love came to Earth for you individually as well as us collectively.

That, when we get that realization for ourselves that Love came for us individually, perhaps our lives would be different; abundant, better.

This individual had a revelation that you could be a Christian all of your life and yet not believe that Love was for you.

That Love came down to Earth for you.

That Love was God and that Love is God.

That to experience the fullness of Love is to allow yourself to experience the fullness of God.

That God’s Love was [and still is] so deep and strong towards you that He could not bear to be apart from you due to the wrongdoings that happen.

But God had a plan.

He decided to send Himself as Love to the Earth in human form.

And so Love came down from Heaven to Earth in the form of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Fully man and yet fully God.

Did you know that if you were the only one on this Earth, Jesus would still come down from Heaven to Earth for you?

You are loved THAT much.

It may be hard to fathom but it does not stop it from being the Truth.

Jesus came so that we could have access to the fullness of Love that comes from God.

Jesus was Love’s sacrifice for us, so that we could have the relationship with Love as God as Love intended.

Because of Jesus – although sinless, but becoming sin for everything we do – good or bad, past, present and future, we now have complete access to God, the One who is Love.

Yes, Love came for me and Love came for you.

Male and female.

Old and young.

Every nation, race and creed.

——————— || ———————

  • We are here to encourage, inspire, strengthen and remind you that you are not alone.

You are a child of God.

You have a Savior who is for you; angels who are protecting you and a Christian family right here who are cheering for you!

  • We are here to remind you, the everyday man and woman that everyday you are loved by an extraordinary God who wants to bring the extraordinary into every day of your life.
  • Our hope is for both men and women to  – work alongside each other as God intended – come to know Jesus personally as their first Love; and then to extend His love to others so that they too may come to know and love Jesus too.

We love you; truly we do.

~ © Lovecame4u ~

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