Who do we pray to?

Do you know just Who you pray to?

We’re praying to the
He is the
We’re praying to the
Counsellor and
the Emmanuel.
We’re praying to
our Father and friend,
our God;
our Healer and
the great I am!
He is Jehovah Jireh,
the King of Kings and
Lord of Lords;
the Messiah is He!
We’re praying to the
Name above ALL names;
the Omega; He is the end.
He is the Prince of Peace
and Quite extraordinary if I do say so myself!! 😉
He is our Righteous Redeemer
and our Salvation.
We’re praying to the one who is Truth;
and holds the keys to the Universe!
He is our Very present help in trouble and continues to be
the Way when there seems to be no way!
He is eXcellent and eXtravagant in all He does;
He is our Yahweh
and our very own Zion!!

~ Founder of @Lovecame4u ~


~ © Lovecame4u ~