The unbelieving believer vs the believing believer

Scripture reference: Luke 1

In Luke 1, both Zechariah and Mary experienced encounters with the same angel hearing a similar message; and yet one was kept silent in his disbelief; and one had the faith to believe even though she had questions.

They both knew God; but one truly believed in the ability of God whereas one started to doubt [perhaps because of past setbacks, knockbacks; or moreso for waiting on a promise that seemed so far out of reach – a child of their own].

It is so important to make sure that we don’t allow our heart and soul to grow weary in the waiting; that if God said something to you, then it will come to pass.

We are told Zechariah is a priest, and yet he doubted God. Perhaps his doubt is to inform us that we can be going through the duties of faith without actually having concrete faith.

Zechariah became an unbelieving believer; whilst Mary remained a believing believer.

During this Christmas season, our prayer is that you will read the Word of God for yourself; to know what God says for yourself so you can hold onto His promises and take every other thought captive unto Christ.

If you find yourself doubtful, ask God to reveal more of Himself to you as you read His Word so that in every season – good and not-so-good –, you can say with confidence like Mary did,

“I am the Lord’s servant and willing to accept everything He wants.

Let it be.”



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