How to hear God’s voice [part 1]

God is speaking.

God is speaking to the Church as a whole and He is speaking to you.

The problem is that often, we are not attuned to the same frequency as God; and may not even be able to differentiate God’s voice from all the other voices in our head.

In 1 Samuel 3, Samuel hears a voice call out to him as he sleeps; but as he has never heard it before, he thinks it is Eli, the priest (vs 4-10). After Eli tells him that it is not him who has called him, Samuel returns to bed. This occurs again two more times when Eli soon realises that it is the Lord calling Samuel. Eli advises Samuel to reply, “Yes (Speak) Lord, Your servant is listening” if he hears the voice again and God delivers a message to Samuel.

One of the ways you can hear from God is through people.

Eli was a wise counsel to Samuel and because of Eli’s personal relationship with God, he could advise Samuel on Who was trying to grab his attention.

In our world full of distractions, it is important for us to have wise counsel from others who also have a personal relationship with God so that they can advise us. (Note that in this case, Eli’s advice was for Samuel to present himself to God as an open vessel, showing that sometimes the best advice someone can give you (or you give to someone) is to get them to seek God on a matter. This could be by praying with them or simply asking them, “Have you prayed about this?” / What does God say about this?” / “Let’s pray right now for clarity and direction from God on this”.

It is said that “the voice of God will never contradict the Word of God”; and therefore it is imperative that we check that what is being said (to you / what you say to another) is biblically backed up and in the right context.

Samuel’s willingness to listen to advice from Eli (an elder) and his obedience to God allowed him to be used as a vessel to speak on God’s behalf.

1 Samuel 3:19: “As Samuel grew up, the Lord was with him and everything Samuel said was wise and helpful.”


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